Cricket haadu

ಮಾರ್ಚ್ 29, 2007

Cricket haadu – Lyrics Tarle Subba , Music Mano Murthy , Adaptation : Mungaru male
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This Blog is dedicated to ದಿ|| ದೀರೇಂದ್ರ ಗೋಪಾಲ್ .Here is a brief Inrtoduction of a versatile artiste.

He was from Harihara town in Davanagere .He essayed roles as a supporting actor and mostly playing villain or a comedian in the Kannada Film World .He had a rough and roaring voice and crisp dialogue delivery .He had a huge experience from theatre and very good sense of humour .he had a huge fan following and could essay any role with ease . these are some excerpts from Kannadafilm news

“14 year old D. Gopal was an ardent theatre fan. Company theatre maalikru (owner) Gubbi Veeranna saw him monoact at school and impressed with the performance invited him to be part of his company. The young Gopal donned the main role in Yechchama Nayaka and never looked back, graduating to films and the small screen in a career spanning over 30 years.
He began his career as a stage actor and then transformed as a villain of Kannada cinema about two decades back. He made his film debut in Puttanna Kanagal’s “Naagara Haavu, along with Kannada super-stars like “Vishnuvardhan” and “Ambarish” in 1972. His plays were popular. His best performance films like Paduvarahalli Pandavaru. Films like Subhadra Kalyana, Gajapathi Garvabhanga, Simha Jodi, Naga Kala Bhairava, Nanjundi Kalyana, and Annaiah catapulted him to fame in kannada audience. So far he had acted more than 190 films and released 300 on political satires on audiocassettes, that became popular.
Known for his theatre and film performances, he is also popularized audiocassette filled with political satire, wit and innuendo. Be it at public functions or political meetings where the opposition parties wanted to deride the government, the earthiness and biting sarcasm of Gopal’s cassettes have been an essential part of life in Karnataka.

One of his famous audio release during the Rajkumar crisis was the subject “Kaadinalli Kannadada Kanmani” was a runaway success, which sold over than 200 cassettes. He was a committed theatre artiste who offered his help to many drama companies in North Karnataka. The evergreen dramas of Tippu Sultan,Yechchma Nayaka, and Bhanda Baddimaga among these “Bhanda Baddi Maga” which he has performed nearly 2,000 shows. He was well known in theatre circles, particularly in Northern Karnataka and on small screen as well.

Some of his dialogues remained etched in memory, like “Yes antiya, No antiya?” delivered in his peerless villain style in the film Simhajodi or the eminently popular comic-villain’s “Guruve Thippesha!” in another film, Oorige Upakaari.

His last film was “Anjali-Geetanjali,”, directed by S. Narayan. He recently entered into small screens.
Gopal was a great fan of litterateur and journalist Lankesh, which perhaps was the breeding ground for his political commentary. He was very humanitarian.

The Karnataka Nataka Academy has honoured him in 1991 for his contribution to theatre. He was the recipient of the State Governments Annual Rajothsava award for his contribution to cinema.

He belonged to that generation of actors, like Sunderkrishna Urs, Sudheer, Mukyamantri Chandru and Vajramuni who portrayed chillingly humourous villians. Kannada Filmdom don’t have such actors any more.” Gopal’s diligence, sheer professionalism and he is very punctual endeared him endeared him to the masses. A strict disciplinarian by nature had.

The time spent on the film sets were also inspired for all his coworkers by Gopal whose unfailing one-liner and timing ensured that even his friends professionals where in splits: a remembrance which all of them and his Kannada audiences fortunes.”